Year 5 Autumn Spellings

Welcome to Year 5
Here are the Year 5 spellings until the end of the Autumn term.
Spellings will be set on a Friday and tested the following Friday. Children should learn their spellings in sentences and understand the meaning of each word.
If you are absent from school it is your responsibility to collect your spellings from your teacher/classroom when you return to school. 

Thank you,
Miss Hicks and Mrs Lindow

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Space Project

Year 5 Space Project

During the second half of the Autumn Term we will be learning all about Earth and Space in our Science lessons. Over the next 5 weeks we would like you to research and create a project all about the Solar System. Your project can be presented however you choose, it could be in a PowerPoint presentation, Booklet, Display book or a poster. You might want to include:

  • A poster showing the names and relative sizes of the planets in the solar system.
  • A fact file about your favourite planet or all the planets.
  • A fact file about a famous astronomer or scientist.
  • A 3D model of the solar system or an item from space (planet, rocket, stars etc.).
  • Make a fact file about the Earth, Sun and the Moon.
  • Create a poster about an astronaut.
  • Research celestial objects (moons, asteroids, comets or meteoroids).
  • Research space engineering (i.e. the Hubble telescope or ISS).


You could find out information using your local library or use technology to help. This project is due in Thursday 6th December and you should be ready to present this to the rest of the class.

We look forward to seeing your projects.

Miss Hicks and Mrs Lindow

Half Term Highlights

We have had a busy first half term in Year 5 with lots of fantastic learning opportunities. We’ve had music workshops and assemblies, Science experiments galore, outstanding river projects and home learning, written defeating the monster tales and have learnt lots of new concepts and methods in Maths. Thank you for all your hard work and effort this half term everyone and thank you parents for your continued support. Some of the children have enjoyed sharing their favourite things about this half term.

“I like when we do Science Experiments especially investigating sugar dissolving in different temperature water” Amara

“I really enjoy Maths. I like learning Column Addition and Subtraction.” Willow

“I enjoy writing my hot writes.” Spencer

“I enjoyed using Microsoft Excel to create graphs and compare data.” Oliver

“I like PE when we play hockey matches.” Ewan

“I like in Art when we did observational drawings of fruit and vegetables.” Grace S

” I have enjoyed practising my typing using Dance Mat Typing.” Jude 

“I enjoyed learning about Rivers especially completing my Rivers project.” Aimee

“In Geography I enjoyed learning Ordnace Survey Maps.” Finlay

“I enjoyed sorting river pictures from source to mouth.” Charlie (Lions)

“I enjoyed the Music Workshop when we composed our own song.” Ethan (Badgers)

“I enjoyed playing games in Rigolo to improve my French.” Tyler

“I liked learning a defeating the monster tale and writing my own.” Charlie 

“EVERYTHING. Going Swimming.” Malorchi

“In PE with Mr Robson when we did the bleep test.” Presley

“Using data loggers in Computing.” Archie

“I like when we draw new model texts using text maps.” Chester

“In Art when we used different materials to make a collage.” Maisie

“When we used iPads to research wading birds.” Joe 

Have a great half term everyone. We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 29th October.

Marvellous Musicians

On Wednesday 10th October Year 5 were lucky enough to be visted by members of Group A who came to carry out a music workshop with us. The children played some vocal warm up games and learnt about rhythm before helping to compose their own song. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational session which the children were fully immersed in. 

“I enjoyed it because we made up our own song and it was a good song. ” Chester

“I enjoyed the dance and song, it was really fun and awesome. I loved that they didn’t mind us shouting. It was quite funny at the start when we played ‘do what I say not what I do’ because we kept getting it wrong.” Ethan

“The leaders were very funny becaused we pulled different emotion faces and Rob was doing really funny dance moves whilst we were pulling the faces.” Joe

“I enjoyed writing our song and acting out the moves to it. I also liked when the men kept fake crying because it was funny!” Alicia

“I enjoyed doing the cool dances about Myth and Reality our song characters and singing as a whole class.” Mishka

“I enjoyed the workshop because the men were funny and I loved the music that they perfomed and we made. I liked singing and making actions, they were cool.” Summer


Bee a Learning Super Hero…


Over the next few weeks you will notice a ‘buzz’ around the school, as we introduce

‘Bee a learning hero.’

 During their learning the children will be encouraged to:

  • work in different ways
  • be responsible
  • never give up.

Over the school day children and staff will be on the look out for our school’s learning behaviours and celebrate how they apply them into their everyday work.

As a school, we believe that these core skills will help the children to become independent, confident and focused learners: skills that will prepare and support them beyond the classroom. 

End of Year 5….

Well it’s come to an end! What a fantastic and successful year we have had. Lots of fantastic topics, trips and learning have flashed before our eyes. You have all worked incredibly hard and have all achieved so much so now enjoy your Summer break before your final year of Primary School. 

Here are some photos of our last day:


Thank you for all the lovely end of year cards and gifts we received, it is very thoughtful of you. 

Have a superb Summer! 

Miss Hicks and Mrs Lindow

Badgers here is the link to the video I made for you all of all our memories from this year:

From Miss Hicks