Spring Term Spelling Lists

Please see below the Spring term spelling lists, these go until the Easter break. Children will continue to be given spellings on a Friday and these will be tested on the following Friday. It is the children’s responsibility to pick up these spellings if they are absent when they are set or they lose their paper copy, these are available on the Year 5 Noticeboard outside Badgers classroom. 

Thank you.

List 1 Spellings Spring TermList 2 Spring Term Spellings


Dobber and The Silver Ring

Year 5 have had a great start to the new year & term and have been working very hard. In our English we have been learning our new model text ‘Dobber and the Silver Ring’ Can you retell the story using our text map?

You can read it below: 

“What was that?” Amy stared up the lane, peering into the alley. It was very dark and she could see nothing. Not for the first time, she wished that she had a friend to walk home with but, since moving school, Amy had not made friends with anyone. She hesitated, then overcame her fear and began to slowly walk up the alley. It was a good shortcut but after school, the boys liked to hang around and leap out on people.

Halfway along the alley something caught her eye. Amy stopped and stooped down. Carefully, she picked up a small, silver ring, shaped like a fish. It glittered in her hand even though the sun never shone in the alley. Quickening her pace, she tucked it into her pocket and marched on. Just as she came to the end of the alley, there was a noise. She spun round. There was Dobber!

“Give us it,” he demanded, as he walked towards her. Immediately, Amy turned and ran. At first, she could hear his feet pounding along behind her. Clenching the ring tightly in her fist, she dashed out of the alley and tore down Smith Street. 

But Dobber was built for bullying and not for speed. Soon he stopped. Standing on the corner, he watched Amy come to a stop at the other end of the street. Calmly, she turned to look back at him. Dobber was puffing like an old man.

“Wow,” said someone behind her. Amy turned round. It was Lucy Carter from her class. “You’re really quick!”
“Not really-it’s just that Dobber’s not very fast,” Amy giggled. “He was after this,” continued Amy, holding out the ring.
Lucy exclaimed,” That’s mine, I lost it ages ago!” Amy handed the ring to Lucy. She smiled as she tucked the ring into her bag.

Amiably, the two girls ambled up Shrubshill Avenue, chatting as they went. Amy knew inside that she had found two things that day.

Lions and Badgers enjoyed working together to re-tell the finding tale. We then looked at the structure of the text, the key events and understanding the new vocabulary. 

Great work everyone!

Miss Hicks and Mrs Lindow


Aspiring Poets

Today Lions and Badgers joined forces to become poets. I set the children a mission to write a poem that uses all the letters of the alphabet. The children worked with a partner from the other class to write their own poem with the title ‘Dream’ and then shared these with the year group – below are just a few examples of the fantastic poems the children wrote:

Sam and Ollie –
Dream of –
An aeroplane as awesome as an astronaut,
a bumblebee as blue as a whale,
a crafty chameleon creeping about,
a devious devil dolloping around.

An evil elephant exercising,
a fabulous flamingo flapping its feathers as if in flight,
a grubby grandad galloping around the gaping hole,
a horrible hawk happily hopping about.

An isolated iguana in his igloo,
a jaguar wearing a jet pack,
a koala kneeling as if praying to Jesus,
a llama licking a lollipop.

My mum making mushroom stew,
a naughty nanny acting like a numpty,
an orangutan obviously eating an orange,
a pea playing a piano.

A quest that must be quested,
a rough rabbit ‘rapping a present,
a stampede stomping on shimmering stones,
a tropical trumpet having a tug of war.

A unicorn using its umbrella,
a vicious Viking voyaging the sea,
a worried wizard worrying about a witch,
a x-ray so xcited it’s going to Xplode,
a yak yowling,
a zebra zipping a coat.

Frankie and Pip

Of an antelope galloping elegantly through the wintery wood,
of a white and black badger burrowing a burrow,
of a candy cane twirling under a spotlight in Candy land,
of a devious demon dancing the cha cha,
of an egg exploding on an enormous elephants trunk,
of a fancy fairy foraging whilst fencing,
of a greedy gorilla thumping his muscular chest,
of a hydra hamburger sinking in the glistening ocean,
of an igloo melting under the glistening sun,
of jingle bells dashing through the snow,
of kit-kats being eaten by watermelons with triangular mouths and square eyes.

Isla and Alfie
Dream of
an amazing anima angrily ambushing,
a baboon bouncing on a beautiful bike,
and a crazy car cackling along the road. 

Dream of
a dancing duck on a dusty dustbin,
an enormous elephant echoing in a tunnel,
and a fast ferrari flipping far away.

Dream of
the galaxy being glorious,
and drifting off into the distance,
the hilarious horses racing,
the ice melting off a glacier.

Dream of
jumping jacks jogging,
a karate car clinging onto the Christmas tree,
and a luxurious lambo cruising along the mountain roads.

Isaac and Jasmin

of an antelope admiring the juicy berries,
of a buzzing bumble bee scoffing his pollen,
of soft cloud floating in the sky, 
of a dancing dinosaur on Strictly,
of an enormous egg cracking into thousands of pieces,
of a fantastic flying flamingo flapping its wings. 

Marney and Connor

Dream of 
amazing artefacts that shine in the moon light sky,
a beautiful beach that has luscious waves as in tropical paradise,
a crazy caterpillar that is uninspired by the majestic butterflies,
a dreadful dinosaur as tall as the Eiffel Tower,
a exaggerating elephant as small as a slug, 
ferocious flames as hot as lava,
shimmering gems as sparkly as glitter,
a hopping hopper as bouncy as a spring,
an icy igloo as cold as the North Pole. 

These are just a few of the amazing poem produced this morning, the work produced was outstanding and I am a very proud teacher reading these. 

Miss Hicks 🙂 

Writer of the week…

In Year 5 for the past 3 weeks we have been learning all about newspaper reports using our model text Dragon Defeated.  On Friday the children wrote their own newspaper reports based on the events of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, everyone has worked incredibly hard using all that they have learnt during this unit of work. 

Badgers – I have been busy marking these fantastic newspaper reports and have been very impressed with the standard of work however the piece of work below has really stood out for me showing amazing progress from the start of Year 5 and is an impressive piece of work to end the Autumn term. 

Writer of the week is….. Isaac, well done!



Farm to Fork!

Today Year 5 visited Tesco Superstore, Gunton to take part in a sustainability trail. When we arrived we met Andrea and Lisa from the store who would be working with us today and they gave us the bibs below to wear.


They then showed us the important logos  linked with Fair-trade and sustainability before giving us a task to complete recognising some logos we might see in everyday life. After that, we had the chance to explore the store and see what products we could find with each of the following logos. 


Some of the products we found were tea, chocolate, coffee, bananas, pineapples and many more. Then we went to look at the fish counter where Lewis talked about where our fish come from and showed us how they are prepared. 


Finally, we got to taste some food such as different types of fish and different chocolates. 



It was a fantastic visit and lots of useful information was taught to help us with our topic work. Everyone behaved superbly, well done! A massive thank you to everyone at Tesco. 



Odd Socks

This week is Anti-Bullying Week. In Badgers Class yesterday we had a circle time all around bullying and what it means, how it makes people feel and how we can look out for others in our school. Then we discussed the word ‘unique’ and how we are all unique but that is okay. We talked about some of the things that make us unique and then created a jigsaw piece showing our personalities. 

Today we wore odd socks to show our support for Anti-Bullying Week, there were lots of fantastic socks on show check them out below:



Defeating Monsters!

Year 5 have been busy innovating our model text ‘Cobbler and the Dragon’ this week, we have been writing a small amount each day to build up into a complete defeating the monster tale. We haven’t quite got to the end yet, but read some snippets of the fantastic tales that Badgers class have written below: 

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 16.42.14Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 16.56.46Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 17.12.19Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 17.25.39

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 18.03.55.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 18.20.58.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 18.35.47

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 18.55.01.png

These are just a few of the excellent examples, there are many more in our Creative books. We would love to hear your feedback on our writing 🙂